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If you have a large, serious or complicated legal issue, allow our experienced and innovative lawyers to resolve it faster than you previously thought possible... even if others have failed in the past.

We specialize in:

Reducing tax and resolving difficult tax issues for high net-worth individuals, businesses and accountants.

Helping your business save time, money, and secure positive deals whether you’re just getting started or are publicly listed. This includes complex contract advice, large joint ventures and more.

Quickly and effectively resolving disputes between individuals, businesses and the government... And where appropriate utilising litigation to aggressively defend your interests and secure the best possible outcome no matter the complexity of your case.

Tactfully and effectively finalizing difficult family and de facto issues through expert negotiation and tactics to avoid expensive, stressful and ongoing court proceedings. Our family law experts can help you return to a more balanced and happy way of living while protecting your assets and interests.

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You’ll get an expert and innovative legal team working full-time on your behalf to make sure your legal issue is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible... while delivering you the best possible outcome, whether that’s a large payout, better deal or less tax...

LAC Lawyers specialises in complex, difficult, serious and large legal issues.

We are a top-tier law firm with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We’re dedicated to using the full-breadth of our experience and in-depth practical knowledge to ensure your legal needs are met and exceeded across

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The family are understandably impressed with the outcome – ‘Stunned’ is more the word. Unfortunately, the English language has no words to describe levels of thanks and appreciation.

Paul Gerard – Accounting & Tax Manager (Price Accounting Services Pty Ltd)

Thank you for the great job you have done for us. If we had not followed your advice it would have ended in tears given the complexity of what you had to deal with and the way you overcame the problems caused by the incompetence of our accountants. All round, a fantastic outcome, and we are so relieved it is all over and we can now move forward with confidence.


We just wanted to thank you once again for all of your efforts on our behalf. Your gentle approach eased the way for us, but we were never in any doubt that you are, as [name withheld] says, a ‘pocket rocket!’. Thanks for everything yesterday, words can’t express our relief that it’s all over, and with such a great outcome. We wish you all the very best.