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We Care About Winning As Much As You Do.

If you have a legal dispute you cannot afford to lose, contact LAC Lawyers now.

LAC Lawyers is an experienced Law Firm with offices in Sydney and Melbourne providing high quality legal advice to our clients.

We have experienced lawyers with in-depth practice area knowledge which allows them to truly service client needs in our Business Legal Services Division as well as our Personal Legal Services Division.

Our Business Legal Services Division is staffed by our business and commercial lawyers who have years of experience helping Australian Business protect their legal interests. If you need advice on any business or commercial law matter call our Business legal team today.

Likewise our Personal Legal Services Division is staffed by caring and compassionate Lawyers who are acutely aware of the intricacies of personal legal matters and will strategise with you to achieve the best result for you in your circumstances. If you need Personal Legal advice call LAC Lawyers.

Our Featured Lawyers

Frank Egan
Chief Executive Officer

Frank Egan is the Managing Director of LAC Lawyers and has over 35 years experience as a lawyer. Frank heads up our taxation group and specialises in both onshore and offshore taxation arrangements including tax havens. He does not deal with any indirect taxation matters e.g. land tax, stamp duty or payroll tax. He is available to advise clients whether corporate or private on large, serious or complicated matters.

Sigrid Neumueller
Senior Solicitor

Sigrid is an international lawyer who undertook her initial education and training as a trainee judge, solicitor and barrister in Vienna, Austria before embarking on a legal career in Australia as a solicitor and later as a barrister admitted in the Supreme Court of NSW, the Federal Court and the High Court of Australia.

Jonathan Lim

Jonathan practices exclusively in Australian and International tax and superannuation law. His specialty is the handling of negotiations with the ATO with respect to serious non-compliance by high net worth individuals and businesses, particularly over many years. He also advises on business structures, offshore tax issues and self-managed superannuation fund compliance.

Angelita Manlangit

Angelita is a compassionate and dedicated lawyer who understands the complexity and emotional aspects associated with going to Court, particularly in Civil & Commercial Litigation, Criminal, Family Law and Inheritance Dispute matters and at all times tries to make her clients as comfortable as possible to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with litigation. Angelita’s aim is to get the job done and not to waste time and money.

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